AMCap 9.22

Capture video from your webcam and save to your hard drive


  • Captures video right from your webcam
  • Dead simple


  • Video files take a lot of space
  • Doesn't support automated snapshots


AMCap captures the video source recorded by your webcam and saves it to your hard drive straight away.

With AMCap you can easily record video to your hard drive, either in MPEG2 or AVI format, provided you have the necessary codecs. It features some other interesting options, such as the ability to take screenshots or adding special effects to the image (graphic overlay, alpha-blending, transparency, etc.).

That said, we found AMCap a bit deceiving. Maybe we expected something else: a webcam monitoring tool or something similar. But we honestly didn't find AMCap that useful. It doesn't even let you take screenshots automatically according to a certain lapse of time. Also, video files take a lot of room, so you better have a large hard drive ready!

AMCap is a simple tool that lets you capture video from your webcam for whatever purpose you may have. If you're searching for a webcam monitoring app, you'll need to look somewhere else.

User reviews about AMCap

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