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Take snapshots and video recordings

AMCap is a multi-purpose video program that enables you to capture images and videos with your webcam. Developed by Noel Danjou, this software offers various recording options and advanced video settings—such as setting your output size, frame rate, and compression. It can capture audio and can also connect to cameras other than your webcam. You can try out its demo version that only has a time limit on videos and watermarks on still images.

For videos and photos

As a video-capturing software, AMCap has the basic features down. You can set your connected video and audio devices that it has automatically detected—with audio disabled by default. The configurable settings include volume control, device properties, and video mixing render options. The choices for your devices consist of camera controls—such as zoom, tilt, exposure, focus, and more—and audio format and input. Meanwhile, Video Mixing Renderer 9 offers aspect ratio control and orientation flip. 

Under the Capture tab, you can select the types of capture activity you would like to do. Start and Stop Recording is for the regular video-recording. You have the option to choose to disable your audio recording or activate Synchro Start. The Still Capture feature, on the other hand, is your still-photo camera. You can select either a single snapshot or do periodic shots, wherein you can configure the program to take photos for every certain time interval passed. 

Not really user-friendly

Meanwhile, the View tab lets you choose which parts of the program you’d like to be visible and how you want the current preview screen to appear. The Menu Bar, Toolbar, and Status Bar can all be enabled freely. You can toggle fullscreen on and off here. The Pause, Rotate, and Zoom controls for the recording can also be found here. Plus, you can turn on On-Screen Display, Overlay, and Text Enhancer.

Unfortunately, this program lacks some features that would make it highly user-friendly—especially to new users. Unlike other video recorders, this one doesn’t display the Record button and other video playback functions—which would make it easier to handle. Instead, you either have to manually go to the tabs to start and stop your video or press the hotkey combinations. This also doesn’t have a tutorial for that or the rest of the features.

Needs improvement

All in all, AMCap does well enough in recording with your webcam. It has nice advanced features for video configuration and can also do still images snapshots. However, it’s not really intuitive to use as you have to open tabs to record what you want and remember keyboard commands if you don’t want to keep exploring the program just to perform one thing. You might be better off trying other software, like Bandicam.


  • Can take webcam snapshots
  • Automatically detects devices
  • Has advanced video options


  • Interface isn’t intuitive
  • Camera controls are limited to the menu and hotkey combos
  • No tutorial

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AMCap 9.23-build-300.6 for PC

User reviews about AMCap

  • PapaLubie

    by PapaLubie

    I just connected to my PC. Had it connected it with this webcam from Angetube. webcam is about 43$ Software connected; it was free by tMore

  • Royal Scales

    by Royal Scales

    Not at all user friendly. Can't get the bloody camera I bought to connect even though this was the software I'm supposed to use

  • Jason Fair

    by Jason Fair

    WARNING - AMCap is a SCAM company. I purchased a new webcam and it required me to use a AMCap license. So I purchased the license. More

  • trevor grant

    by trevor grant

    Comes up as the(Demo Version)so does nothing!Not sure if I should delete and download from another site!

  • Rodney Faris

    by Rodney Faris

    recommended.. the only software i use.for all my digital cam needs.

  • Bas Dusseldorp

    by Bas Dusseldorp

    The AMCap is easy to install. It is possible to change capture maps.
    The Microspcope is easy to install.
    Be aware that it is More

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